Health care may face maximum challenges today than at any other time in history. Challenges that range from finite researches to the increasingly sedentary life style that our technology has spawned among all the professions-Nursing is in the best position to shape the dialogue about these challenges & to implant solution.


Nursing is the most optimistic of all sciences.  All that we do is based on the assumption that human caring makes the differences in the health of individual & societies.  The inherent idealism is course married to a deep pragmatism because the things we do impact so strongly on the comfort & well being of our patients.  The impact that nursing makes on the health of individual & societies is great.

With the choice of nursing career, you will embark on a special & noble profession.  There is no bigger calling than a dedication to the sense of mankind & here is a profession with the right possibilities. At all time, strength of personality & character will contribute in a positive way to meet your professional commitments.

We at Lingaya’s Institute of Health science (Nursing) strive to achieve quality in education while ensuring over all development of students. We also recognize the importance of proving a supportive and assimilative learning environment using innovative teaching and learning stigmatize and technological advances.

We also offer an optimum blend of best technical & personality development skil.  Lingaya’s Institute of Health Sciences (Nursing) always believes that nursing must seek students of uncommon ability & commitment and give them an education that will help them make the most of gifts they already possess.

We have worked to build an institute which commands the highest reputation & provides the most completive learning infrastructure in its field, renowned faculty for  their clinical skills, large and varied selection of carefully guided practical experience and resources of LJSS. Lingaya’s Institute of Health Sciences (Nursing) Nursing graduates are prepared to make a difference in health care and they will just do that.  Lingaya’s Institute of Health Sciences (Nursing)  has always defined its mission as per excellence with human touch by having better health for all people and the best people to do it are Lingaya’s Institute of Health Sciences (Nursing)  nurses. With a clear understanding of need and importance of such educational facilities, the college is committed to a non-commercial  approach.

You can also avail this opportunity & join the wonderful and rewarding profession. If you still have any queries, please Contact at 0129-2202453, 2201128, via e-mail to lingayasnursing@gmail.com

We look forward to having you enrolled as a students in Lingaya’s Institute of Health Sciences (Nursing).

With best wishes

Mrs. Meera Raj M.A.
Principal –  LIHS (Nursing)
Mob: +91-9400327338

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