The mission is consistent with the commitment to excel  in  thought and  action,   impart   broad  knowledge, skills and mould attitude needed for careers in the noble profession of  Nursing and Health Sciences by careful guidance and instruction for self learning in both formal and informal modes.

● Dedicate itself to improve social and economic uplift, &  enhance the quality of life for all.

● Strive to maximize human welfare through education and effective knowledge – workers,  practitioners and educators  who will promote  a better society and whose  actions will be guided by vision,  compassion,  knowledge, disciplined discovery and  deep respect for human values.

●  Provide individualized professional learning experience for each student.

●  Develop the critical thinking, analytical ability and creative skill.

● Supplement the curricula with teamwork,  leadership,  persuasive  oral  and written           skills, societal concern and ethics.

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